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Golden Archives


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17 October 2003 (Jeremiah 1:5) and (Isaiah 45:3) “And the word of the Lord came…….. “The Lord call thee……….. What is in a name? A name is THAT, by which a person, place, animal or a thing, is KNOWN, SPOKEN OF, and SPOKEN TO. It is a LABEL or DESIGNATION that sets one person APART from another. Ancient biblical people were very conscious of the meaning of names, so the y formed personal names from words that had their own meanings. They believed that there was a vital connection between the name and the person it identified. In effect, a name represented the NATURE and DESTINY of that person. May I ask you some questions? Sir, Ma, what is your name? What do they call you? 20 Cent? Calamity? Sorrow? What do you answer to? Bad boy? Rude boy?...

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Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and the time you take out, for THE WORD. Thank you for enabling these weekly opportunities, in order that the letters of God may be written in your hearts, not by man, but by the spirit of the Living God. May the Lord keep you in perfect peace, as your mind stays focused on Him, amen.     (2Corinthians 2:14) “And who through us spreads the fragrance of…. him everywhere”     Have you ever noticed how someone wearing a lovely fragrance, strolls through a room and fills the atmosphere with his or her scent? You see, it is the nature and smell of the fragrance that affects and prevails over the stench and repulsive odor in the atmosphere, or the surroundings.  Can I go...

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(l Kings 13:4) “And his hand which he put forth against him, dried up, so that he could not pull it again to him”   The chapter begins like this; ‘Behold there came a man of God…. by the word of God to Bethel’ He came by the word of God, so that means he was sent. The man of God was on a mission, he was on the job, and enduring a process; perhaps a prophet, an evangelist, a pastor, or a minister; you and I?   ‘And he cried against the altar in the word of God’ (v.2) God sent him on an errand but the errand was not a pleasant one but a defiant one to the king, in the presence of the people. I’m just circling around a bit and I’ll touch down in a minute.   ‘And it came to pass when the king...

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I am so glad to be back, bringing the good news to you once again. Thank you for your mails, thank you for always finding time in your busy schedule to PEEP into THE WORD. What God has started in you, I pray he continues, and brings into completion in the day of Christ, amen.  (Psalms 130:5) “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in his word I hope” Permit me to add a second text; (Psalms 126: l) “……… We were like them that dream”    I looked up the word, WAIT, in the advanced learner’s dictionary; to wait, is to STAY where one is, to DELAY ACTING until HELP comes. It is to HALT ACTION until SOMETHING HAPPENS or until SOMEONE COMES. Have you ever been stuck in traffic while rushing to an appointment? Ever had...

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James is under siege; anxious, frustrated, and downcast. He is behind on the bills, behind on the mortgage and is faced with a foreclosure. His job is on the line, and he is becoming increasingly worried.   Can I talk to you James? “Thus saith the Lord: Be not afraid of the words which you have heard” (Isa 37 :6)  ‘Thus saith the Lord, Be not afraid of the enemy, do not worry about the situation.  I know that you are under siege, I know about the MORTGAGE, the JOB, the KIDS, the BUSINESS, the SPOUSE, the BILLS, the ILLNESS, and the EXAMINATIONS. I know that you are FIGHTING the ENEMY, I know that you are fighting UNEMPLOYMENT, SICKNESS, IMPOSSIBILITY, DEBTS, INSECURITY, and UNCERTAINTY. BUT,  “BEHOLD I do a new thing….. saith the...

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QUESTION: And there was a born-again Christian, a banker by profession, a successful father of two kids, whose wife was a business woman. James served the Lord diligently with his life, his wealth, his time, his energy, his family and success. Then it came to pass that an investment bank, C-bank, sought to buy controlling shares in his bank. The rumour mill began to go round, ‘No one has ever stopped C-bank from taking over any company when they want to’ ‘Heads would roll if they succeed in their takeover bid’  ‘The deal is almost done’ James talked to his boss, who warned him of the probability of being made redundant. James had just taken out a mortgage with all his savings, and his wife’s business manager had just...

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